Ode to Yoga and to Home-cooked Meals

Everytime JO cooks for me, I remember that I prefer his food to all other. Unfortunately, with our new job, JO and I have been cooking less and less. With our work schedule, we end up eating about 90% of our meals at school (**thankfully, the school has a farm, and most of the food is healthy and delicious), and I really miss the freedom and enjoyment that comes from making my own meals more often than not.  For Valentine’s Day, JO cooked me my favorite me: rice noodles with spicy beef and peanut sauce, a gluten-free meal I adored even before I officially went gluten-free.  It was out-of-this world good, but since I didn’t cook it,  I can’t offer the recipe. I’ll let you enjoy the finished product, just as I did last night. His meal was a reminder to me what good flavor does for the appetite: it satisfies. The cilantro and peppers created heat and fragrance, while the peanuts gave the dish an earthiness. While my portion was smallish, I couldn’t quite finish it. The flavors and vegetables satisfied me early on.  JO enjoyed some local beer with our meal, while I went with the white wine. Valentine’s Day was a perfect, low-key day.

some ingredients...because: hey, I don't have the recipe

local beer for JO's beverage of choice

JO taking advantage of the food processor - the best Christmas present ever - whose center, despite many washings, is still yellow from some saffron we used a few weeks ago.


Lime is summer to me.

This morning began peacefully some of this:

honey, ginger, lemon - sore throat begone.

With a jam-packed week ahead, I’m doing my best to fight my illness. Ginger tea is the best.

And a little yoga!  My body was craving it. After two weeks of no yoga, I had almost forgotten how cathartic it is for me. This morning, I spent 50 minutes with Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior.  I love this yoga tape; it’s got enough flow to make me feel both tired and energized at the end of it.  It’s hard to believe that in the past 6 months I’ve gone from practicing yoga once/month to 4-5 times/week. This evening I have African dance class **LOVE IT**, and I have great leftovers to look forward to after it. Off to take a group of kiddos the playground. It’s only four degrees out, but it’s sunny, and I’ll take any vitamin D I can get.

Though I didn’t photo-document my meals, on the the menu today was:

Breakfast: oatmeal with raisons and almonds, coffee with milk

Snack: wheat-free pretzels and a piece of string cheese

Lunch: ½ roast beef and swiss sandwich on gluten-free bread, fruit salad

Dinner: leftover rice noodles

Workout: 50 minutes of yoga, 1 hour of African dance

Today’s menu is a little higher in starchy foods that I might like – I like high protein menus – but it’s well-balanced in terms of the lack of sugary sweets. That’s something, right?

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One Response to Ode to Yoga and to Home-cooked Meals

  1. JO needs to share that recipe as it contains some of my favorite things. 🙂

    I have that yoga DVD but have yet to try it. However I think I need to soon. Maybe this weekend.

    Hope you enjoyed your vitamin D!:)

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