Catch Me If You Can…

I had every intention of carving out a few minutes each day for my writing (aka: this blog), but at 9:30 last night when I finally sat down, I was completely worthless. However, since I had photo-documented most of my day, I decided to use my pictures for a “day-in-the-life” post, like the ones I enjoy reading on other peoples’ blogs. Curious about the day in the life of an elementary school teacher? Here was my day yesterday:

5:12* (Because I’m a weirdo, I only set my alarms to numbers that end in 3, 9, 12, or 33 regardless of convenience): I woke up, put in my contacts, brushed my teeth, filled up my water bottle, and threw on my running clothes.

5:55-6:40: Treadmill, on which I either read or watch the news; Yesterday, I ran 5 miles at a 7:40 pace. By 7:05, I was back at home, frantically getting ready for school. Since I regularly leave myself exactly 10 minutes to shower and get out the door, I immediately destroy any calm that I gain by working out.

7:15: I departed for school. Thankfully, I live directly across the street, so my commute is nada.

Good morning, school. Commute, you ain't so bad.

7:20-1:15: I supervised morning chores, ate breakfast, taught reading, writing, and 4th grade math, prepped and graded for a period, and then table-headed (meaning sat and ate with children) at lunch…

1:15-2:50: This time is often the only free-time I have until 9:30 at night, especially when I have dorm duty. Yesterday, the sun was shining brightly, and I escaped into town to run some errands.

I'm a rebel sneaking out in the middle of the school day to catch some sun and run some errands.

I parked far away from the bookstore and enjoyed a shortish walk around Mirror Lake.

A very frozen Mirror Lake. I didn't know when I accepted this job that I'd be moving to Antartica. Wave "hi" to the dog-sled team.

You may be cold, but you sure are perty.

Errand accomplished: I picked up some Madlibs, the perfect wrap-up to a unit on parts of speech.

Sarah is such a (insert adjective) teacher. She gives her (insert plural noun) Madlibs to practice parts of speech.

Then I made a stop at the health food store. Given the soul-deadening faculty meeting I had in the afternoon, I knew I’d want a pick-me-up.

Kombucha it was!

And since I can never leave the store with just the items on my shopping list, I picked up some locally-cultivated yogurt.

Probiotics are good for the tummy, and maple syrup is good for the soul.

2:50-4:30: I skied around with the Nordic team on a beautiful, clear winter day. Here are some photos of the barn.

The barn

More barn

4:30-6:00: Faculty meeting (where I prevented my soul from being deadened by drinking Kombucha and snagging a few Hershey’s kisses – oops). I also shared some of my cake balls and instantly became a hero for saving others from the Soul Deadening Faculty Meeting.

6:00-9:30: After an hour an a half of sitting, I was so ready to be home. I spent some quality time with JO. We decided to head into town with our neighbors for some dinner. Given the business of the holiday, we went to a small, quiet restaurant out of the way. I ordered the steak and a glass of pinot grigio and enjoyed the company of good friends.

I really ought to practice taking photos in the dark.

It’s a rare treat for me to take the night off from doing work, but when I do, I recognize how key it is for my happiness and BALANCE.

9:30: I shot off some emails to a couple of my kids’ parents, and then called it a day.

Tonight, I’ve got African dance class to look forward to, and next week, I’ll be teaching a week-long African dance intensive to my students.  Wahoo!

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4 Responses to Catch Me If You Can…

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    I love kombucha! Especially GT’s ginger…..In fact, I just had one this morning. Makes my tummy feel good 🙂

    • Alex,

      I completely agree. I’m addicted to GT kombucha, and it’s ruining my savings! Fortunately, my completely frugal boyfriend decided to mix up his own batch. I tried it today, and it’s totally delicious.

  2. Delurking here… African dance class sounds so badass! Is it capoeira?

    • Lauren, thanks for writing! No, capoeira is Portuguese (I think). My African dance class mostly features dances from West Africa. It’s totally fabulous — the best workout I’ve EVER had. I got into while living in Steamboat, and finding a troupe was one of the first things I did when I moved here!

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