Turkey Burger Loving

On Fridays, I have no responsibilities with kids after 12:15, so I anticipated being able to pop over to the bikram class. Thwarted. I finished teaching around 12:20 and needed to be over at the studio – a 15 minute drive – by 12:45. Snow was wet, heavy, and falling quickly, and I decided I didn’t want the stress of feeling rushed in the snow. Further, I found out some great news: I got both my first choice classes for my summer graduate school! Wahoo! I decided that I’d spent a few minutes on Amazon trying to get the best deal on used books. Mission successful: I ordered all my books for this summer classes for under $200. Boo-ya! Afterwards, I stopped in the dining room for some lunch and headed off into town for some errands and a workout. I was really glad that I didn’t risk the roads earlier – I saw so many accidents, and the conditions were slow and treacherous. I picked up some yogurt and distilled water for JO’s kombucha experiments , and then stopped by the gym. I was in the mood for something butt-kicking to compete with my bikram class. I ran 8 miles at a 7:40 pace and felt great!

I know this is supposed to be a blog about my own cooking and baking, but JO took over for dinner last night. He put together some delicious turkey burgers. First, he made a red wine reduction:

red wine reduction

In our food processor, he julienned a sweet potato. Afterwards, he fried in olive oil the pieces to make shoe string sweet potato fries. He sprinkled a little sea salt on the finished product. Magnificent!

Sweet potatoes julienned

Then, JO fixed up some turkey burgers (into which he put some kefir grains!), and topped them with shredded Cabot cheddar. This is the final product: turkey burger with Cabot cheddar topped with sweet potato shoestrings and drizzles of red wine reduction. It was SUPERB.

What I ate last night. I love turkey burgers.

Today, I’m heading off on a full-day cross-country ski with some kiddos and another teacher-friend. While I loathe working Saturdays, my group is great, and it should be a fun day. Enjoy your weekends!



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