I See London, I See France…

Yesterday afternoon, JO and I attended a bikram class together. This was a BIG deal, as JO deplores heat and likes practicing yoga at home. He was totally apprehensive, but I forced him to come with me. Interestingly, whereas my last class was mostly women, this class was filled with couples. I’m pretty sure every girl in the North Country dragged her husband/boyfriend/partner to the class. JO commented that the trend was further evidence of the “incredible power that women wield”. Interesting. After a second class, I can safely say that if I had enough money – each class costs $16 bones – I would practice bikram as much as humanly possible. I love it! There’s something totally cathartic about sweating your face off. Even JO, who needed to sit down when he began seeing spots before his eyes, said as much. And since he has some flexibility in his schedule this week, he’s going back today! Just like I always tell JO, women know best!

But, back to that part about sweating my face off: my clothes were as soaked as if I had showered with them on. Stupidly, I forgot to bring a change of underwear or a new shirt. All I had with me were my Carharrts. So, for the first (and only) time in my life, I can safely say that while shopping, there was someone – actually 3 people –  in the store who knew definitively whether I was wearing underwear. I saw 3 women from my bikram class dragging their husbands through Price Chopper. Here’s what JO and I ended up buying. Our 90 minutes of yoga definitely influenced our shopping. Notice all the high-water-content foods!

Fruits and veggies make my heart sing.

Citrus love.

That’s the orange I’m eating as I type this entry. Since my African dance workshop is this week, I have mornings off (hallelujah!).

JO and I were both in the mood for something crunchy for dinner and something easy to prepare while we I watched the Oscars. We decided on a big crunchy salad of argula, shredded carrots, yellow peppers, and cucumber. We JO seared some steak and made a delicious tahini dressing from my favorite restaurant in my hometown. Here’s the recipe for the BEST dressing:

Bean's and Barley's Tahini Dressing

And the cookbook from whence it came:

Bean's and Barley recipe book

And the ensalada:


Los colores.

And the meat to go on top (veg-heads, I apologize for the carnal footage):


All together now:


All dressed up.

P.S. I made those bowls for JO and me for Valentine’s day a couple of years ago. They’re our unofficial salad bowls. We eat every salad from them but use them for little else as they’re quite large! We I enjoyed a great night watching the Oscars. JO shuddered through the whole thing. Speaking of which, James Franco and Anne Hathaway made me cringe. Woo for Melissa Leo! Colin Firth, you are a charmer. My favorite winners are the nerdy, normal sound editors and other types. They are so genuinely floored and happy, and my heart sings when they thank their wives and kids.

Anyways, after dinner, JO and finished the last of the maple yogurt. I had about 1/2 cup serving, along with a small glass of red wine. What a great way to end the night!

P.S. I did yoga again this morning and have already found that I’m eating more wholesomely and intuitively. Keep your eyes on my “Eats” to see if the trend continues:)

P.P.S. Here are a couple pictures of my “dance face”. Everyone has one. Mine just happens to be quite special.  I can’t wait to alarm my students by it.

This must have been "Rolling on a River..." JO and I like to literalize lyrics.

Me, being special.

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