I Feel Lucky…

Looking at the past 24 hours, I feel really lucky. Why?

1. I’ve danced so much that I have blisters on my toes. I get to spend 18 hours of my work week this week dancing.

2. I’ve learned how to play the djembe drum.

3. It’s March, which means I’ve survived February, which is officially the worst month of the year.

4. Yesterday, I received 40 books from Amazon that I get to read for graduate school, and 20 of them are children’s books like Goodnight Moon, The Devil’s Storybook, and In the Night Kitchen. Aforementioned 40 books cost $200, which is, as far as book costs go, pretty low.

5. I’ve converted JO over to Bikram. When I was driving one of my students home from school yesterday, I passed the hot yoga studio and saw JO’s car. He told me last night that he plans on going from now until we move as much as he can!

6. JO and I make each other laugh. On my way by the studio, I put this note on his car: “Hey hot stuff. I really dug your baby cobra today in class.” I was hoping to creep him out. He said he knew it was me all along and that it made him laugh.

6. When I came home from dance class last night at 9:00, this is what JO had this project going on in the kitchen:

purple, gold, and new potatoes

beets and turnips

root vegetable medley

Which he roasted along with a big piece of meat!

A beet juice and homemade chicken stock reduction

the veggies coming out of the oven

JO even had all the pictures waiting for me!

7. My dinner last night was literally one of the most delicious I’ve ever eaten, and it was homemade and prepared for me by JO (who is, lest I’ve fooled you, the real only cook in our relationship (leave the baking to me!).

This is the worst picture ever, but I couldn't let the final product go undocumented. We ate in a darkish room so I had to use the flash. That's chuck roast with a beet juice reduction, roasted root vegetables, and cabbage.

8. And today, I’ve done yoga and have another 3 hours of African dance after lunch. In one week, I’ll be on spring break!


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2 Responses to I Feel Lucky…

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) says:

    Wow, I’ve never ordered 40 book at Amazon at once. Several yes, though, and I love how they pack them all next to each other so you get a giant but very flat package in the end. 🙂

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