The Best Way to End a Night

Yesterday, JO and I ventured to another round of bikram yoga. The room was so humid from all the rain we’ve been getting that even the militaristic instructor took pity on us and opened the windows at the end of the class. Again, I left hot yoga feeling light, happy, and utterly de-stressed. I may need to purchase a pass for the next couple of months that I’m still in the North Country. We refreshed with a couple of bottles kombucha. (Confession: I had TWO bottles yesterday. One after breakfast and one after Bikram. This must end. JO’s brewing another batch so I can stop being frivolous and buying these.)


Since we had an arts benefit to go to last night and only an hour in between bikram and the show, we decided to get Mexican food for dinner. I had a bowl of tortilla soup and a glass of white wine, both of which totally hit the spot. However, when we got home at 9:30, I was hungry and craving something sweet. Enter banana ice cream, a treat I’ve been eating for several months now since it’s been featured on a lot of blogs. For two servings throw 3-4 frozen bananas in the blender with a little liquid (almond milk for me) to get the blender started:


Blend for approximately 2 minutes, or until the bananas are super smooth. Dole servings into cups. ENJOY.


banana soft serve

Sometimes I add peanut butter and unsweetened cocoa powder – delectable – but last night I was craving something plain and simple.

Ditto this morning, when I woke up to rain and clouds.  I had 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1 sliced banana, and a spoonful of both almond butter and a spoonful of tahini. Let’s face it: I use oatmeal as a conduit for fatty spreads.

fatty butters and oatmeal

a perfect breakfast

JO, on the other hand, doesn’t like nut/seed butters in his oatmeal. So I made him a bowl that was heavy on the walnuts, dates, bananas, and cinnamon (and 3/4 cup of oatmeal). Here’s his spread:


a big bowl

Say "cheese," Toppings.

Now the rain has turned to snow – a winter storm is a brewing (UGH!) – and I plan on writing kids’ report cards, running, and cleaning for the rest of the day. Stay tuned for a review of my week in Eats.

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