It’s taken me a lot of experimentation to figure what works best with my body. For me, a diet high in animal proteins, nut butters, yogurt, vegetables, and fruits is one that leaves me the most satisfied, energetic, and nourished. However, even armed with that knowledge, I still struggle at times to eat intuitively and smartly, particularly when it comes to sugary treats.  But, I’m on a mission to eat clean. Now that I’ve successfully eliminated gluten from my diet, I’m working on removing processed sugar as well. The more I read about sugar, the more convinced I am that it is poison to our bodies. One highly influential book has been Nourishing Traditions. Read Sally Fallon’s thoughts on sugar, and you’ll steer clear of it, if only because she’s super-intimidating. Check out her picture:

The boss, Sally Fallon.

Would you mess with a woman with balls ovaries enough to sport that hairstyle? As part of my commitment to eat as cleanly as possible, I’m tracking my food intake, and I promise to be honest. My goals are to eat as cleanly and intuitively as possible, while working to remove processed sugar**. (**I allow maple syrup, honey, stevia, and fruit!) Here I track my food intake, and on Sundays, I review my eats for the week with a critical eye. Comments welcome.

February 19th-26th

February 27th-March 5th

March 6th-March 12th

breakfast: oatmeal with banana and almond butter and tahini; snack: grande sugar-free vanilla latte lunch: think thin bar + serving of blue corn chips; snack: slice of coconut cream pie with chocolate sauce; dinner: apple and pear slices with tahini, chicken apple sausage, and 1/2 cup of leftover rice

workout: 5.12 miles at 7:47 pace

Monday, March 7th

breakfast: think thin bar + coffee with homemade whipped cream; salad with carrots, garbanzos, beef, feta + piece of sugar-free almond cake; dinner: popcorn, apple sausage

workout: 1 hour of yoga, trudging up and down in the snow

Tuesday, March 8th

breakfast: bowl of yogurt topped with Udi’s granola, coffee; snack: kombucha; lunch: salad of spinach, carrots, garbanzos, and turkey, slice of gluten-free bread with smear of butter; snack: piece of sugar-free almond cake dinner: roast chicken

workout: 6 mile run at 7:30 pace

Wednesday, March 9th

breakfast: a big bowl of rice checks, coffee; snack: g-free granola bar; snack: think thin bar, apple, kombucha; dinner: Venezuelan food! (shredded beef and plantains), vino, Pinkberry!

workout: 5 miles of running at 7:47 pace; 5 miles of walking around the city

Thursday, March 10th

breakfast: 1 packet of instant original oatmeal and banana, 1/4 latte; lunch: larabar; snack: 3 rice cakes with tahini, pineapple; dinner: chopped chicken salad, glass of white wine (and a few waffle fries:))

workout: 6 miles running at 7:47 pace

Friday, March 11th

breakfast: 1/4 cup of oatbran with 1 small chopped banana and 1 rounded spoonful of almond butter; snack: kombucha; snack: taste tests of hot milk cake; lunch: 1 rice cake with healthy spread of tahini; snack: a few slices of cheddar cheese dinner: hamburger with cheddar and 1/3 sweet potatoe

workout: 7 miles of running at 7:47 pace

Saturday, March 12th

breakfast: 1 yogurt, 2 pieces of string cheese, coffee; snack: think thin bar; lunch: salad; dinner: 3 chicken wings, a few tortilla chips, a glass of white wine; snack: orange

workout: 1 hour of yoga, lots of walking around the airport on a layover

Sunday, March 13th

breakfast: bowl of oatmeal with raisins and peanut butter, 1 sausage link, coffee; lunch: salad, kombucha; dinner: lamb, mashed potatoes, salad, chocolate pudding

workout: 1 hour of running

Monday, March 14th

breakfast: bowl of Barbara’s honey rice puffs, coffee; lunch: Mediterane coconut yogurt, apple; snack: think thin bar; dinner: steak wrapped in BACON (oh my!), rice, vino

workout: 1.5 hours running

Tuesday, March 15th

breakfast: 1 egg scrambled with tomatoes and spinach, 3 pieces of bacon, coffee;



2 Responses to Eats

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) says:

    We seem to eat pretty much alike! The way you’ve described your diet totally applies to me as well. And I love the Nourishing Traditions book! 😀

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